My Hospital 1.1.35 Apk for Android Game Full Download

My Hospital 1.1.35 Apk for Android Game Full Download

My Hospital 1.1.35 Apk is popular game, different and entertaining style strategy games and simulation of cherrypick games for Android is free in the Google Play offer, and to this day millions of times by Android users around the world downloaded and managed 4.2 rating from 5.0 to obtain good. Overall My Hospital management is a strategy game fun where you can set up and manage your hospital and all sorts of weird and sometimes funny in that treat! Even able to have a little garden in which to plant the seeds of medicinal plants and herbal medicines and offered them various drugs to treat hundreds of patients who come to your hospital, to gain! Atynja place where they panacea first letter where each treatment it is possible! Create and manage your hospital, doctor’s office, Room diagnosis, treatment center and laboratories are parts you can add to your hospital! Expand and upgrade your hospital and even invite your friends to visit it! In your hospital garden of medicinal plants and herbal panacea plant and of which they can gain by combining more than 80% of patients not treated strange and funny. No matter what your illness is difficult, sore throat, hands frozen or lungs filled with phlegm, in any case you can not find any of these treatments! By raising the level of your hospital can either lock therapies, new rooms in the hospital and even new diseases open! If you are looking for a game strategy and management are great for entertaining themselves without doubt the best choice is My Hospital!

My Hospital 1.1.35 Apk for Android is one of the most popular game of strategy and simulation games is that we Apkfine newest and latest version of the application have introduced a huge range of your friends! If we play as well as the other features mentioned cases we can say that the interior you can customize each of your wards so that patients feel more comfortable.Dozens of ornament can use to decorate your hospital and when you are finished just in front of your friends to your hospital kitchen manager! By entering into account your Facebook from within the game can with your Facebook friends linked and even the hospitals they visit, even with the competition, or even the treatment of various diseases in the sell or buy them. In addition, able through Google Play services of the achievements they have earned in the game will also be informed; they likewise can not be notified of your achievements in the game! You can view trailers and screenshots of the gameplay and feel free to download the original or high-speed mode on your game servers.

Features of My Hospital 1.1.35 Apk:


Construct and manage your own hospital. Build doctor’s offices, diagnostic rooms, the treatment centre and laboratories. Expand and upgrade your hospital and share it with friends!


Farm and harvest plants with healing properties, produce dozens of elixirs, and blend syrups to treat more than 80 funny diseases. Whether it’s a chilli throat condition, frozen hands or slimey lungs, you’ll be sure to find the cure! Unlock new remedies, treatment rooms and new conditions with every level and complete fun challenges!


Customize each area of your health center to make your patients feel at home. You have tons of decorations to choose from and when you finally manage to make it look as pretty as a picture, show it off in front of your friends!


Connect with your Facebook account to access your friends’ Hospitals around the world. Buy, sell cures and compete with other Hospital managers. Tell them about your achievements via Google Play Games and Facebook.

Whats New:

  • Download this new update for My Hospital and explore new features… and get 5 Hearts!
  • Did someone help you with your Anti-Epidemic Center or Medicinal Garden or you simply want to make someone smile? Send a gift to anyone in your friends list!
  • Do you like completing tasks? If so, the TO-DO LISTS is a new feature you will appreciate… not to mention the rewards!
  • …and much more “under the hood” tweaks and adjustments!

My Hospital 1.1.35 Apk for Android Game Full Download

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